52 Creative Weeks #3: Snap Click Explore

Back in September, I made the decision to upgrade from a digital point and shoot camera to a digital SLR camera.  I've been through a whole series of cameras over the last few years, my last being a Nikon Coolpix L100 that I loathed with every inch of my being.  During my beach vacation this past summer, Hurricane Earl passed close to the beach front house we were renting.  I'd never seen the ocean look so angry but try as I might I couldn't get any decent photos of the waves crashing into shore.  So I decided then and there to step it up.  


Since I'm new to the world of digital SLRs, I went the lower end Canon Rebel xsi which has turned out to be exactly what I wanted in a camera.  Of course, I've been using it for my product shots.  And I've also been using it to snap textures that I later turn around and use in my illustrations.  

But I really want to make a habit of documenting my life with photos.  And I really want to learn how to actually use my fancy new camera, not just rely on the auto settings like I've been doing so far.  

So for this week's 52 Creative Weeks project, I've decided to spend some time exploring and learning about my camera.  This is something that I will probably repeat for future project posts, so for this time I'm limiting myself to exploring color, texture and pattern on the macro level.  I'm looking for loveliness in small things this week.  

Later in the week I'll be returning to share some of my best shots.