Saying Hello + 52 Creative Weeks

Hello girl 2011

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is 2011.  I remember when I was much younger imagining that everything would be so futuristic in 2011; turns out, not so much.  

2010 was an awesome year:  I got married, continued to grow my business, taught my first e-course, landed some pretty fantastic freelance illustration projects and just generally enjoyed all the good things that came my way.  I also conquered my big resolution for 2010:  work smarter, not harder.  For me this involved learning to let go a bit, admitting that I sometimes need help, examining my shipping and business practices and starting to work with some outside printers to produce a wider range of products.  It also involved looking at how I take care of household duties and finding more ways to take care of them more efficiently and in less time.  The whole process of working smarter, not harder now has me in the habit of examining all of my processes in my work life and in my regular life, figuring out better ways to do even the simplest tasks.  

So what did I do with all the time I freed up by working smarter, not harder?  Well, honestly, I mostly just worked  more.  It is seriously difficult to flip the switch off when your career is your passion.  But part of my resolution for 2011 is to use some of that free time for me time. This year I'd like to take guilt-free days off and get back in touch with my social life.  

But my big resolution for 2011 is really a project.  You might notice this new graphic in the left sidebar:


This year I've decided to get back to exploring my personal creativity, which probably sounds crazy given that my business allows me to be creative every day.  But that's just it, although I get to draw/sketch/illustrate every day, the vast majority of the time, I'm drawing/sketching/illustrating for freelance jobs or for new products in my shop or for commissioned pieces.  And while you won't here me complaining, while I still love every second of every day of it, it's still so refreshing to just sit down to do something creative just for me, just because I want to.  

So for 2011, I'm giving myself time to do one personal creative project a week, anything I want to work on:  drawing, painting, snapping some photos, working on creative stuff to spruce up my house, anything.  

I'm already feeling the creative sparks flying!

And of course, I'm going to share my creative journey here.  

I tinkered with the idea of starting a whole new blog to catalog my 52 Creative Weeks, but in the end I've decided to write about my experiences here right along with the rest of my ramblings.  So at the beginning of each week, I'll be popping in to talk about what my creative project for the week is going to be.  Then later on in the week I'll be back to talk about the finished project and share photos or illustrations or whatever.  

This will all just be part of the regular posting here on the blog--which by the way got a facelift today, what do you think?--but if it anytime you'd like to just see posts from the 52 Creative Weeks series, you can click on the pretty graphic in the left sidebar!

I've got a tiny list started of projects for my 52 Creative Weeks and am so excited to get started on them. 

Other new years news:

-If you haven't registered yet, there are still a few spots for the February session of Flourish, my e-course geared towards helping you get your creative business off the ground.  

-And I'll be releasing a few Valentine's Day products in the next couple of days including school valentines like these:

Knight dragon valentines

Looking forward to sharing my creative experiences in 2011!