52 Creative Weeks: #3

I'm going to go ahead and admit that my heart wasn't really in my 52 Creative Weeks project for this week.  I think I started the week off on the wrong foot and just ended up spending the rest of it scrabbling to catch up again.  

That said, I only found a few hours one afternoon to spend with my camera.  And although I enjoyed taking the time to explore and learn about my fancy camera, I just wasn't wholeheartedly engrossed in the experience.  

But I did learn quite a bit and I just cracked the door to beginning to explore a bit more with photography.  And I'm looking forward to spending another Creative Weeks project in the future really expanding my knowledge of photography.  

This week I started small, focusing mainly on close ups of objects here in my studio and house.  

I experimented a lot and didn't get many decent shots, but I figured some things out and can't wait to find a few more hours to spend with my camera.  

Here are a few quick shots from this week:

Pic 1


Pic 2


Pic 3

Here's to hoping for a more successful creative project in the coming week!