52 Creative Weeks #1: Tiny Portraits

Part of my mission for 52 Creative Weeks is to use up some of these art and craft supplies that I've got squirreled away in my studio.  Although I do the vast majority of my illustrating in Photoshop and/or Illustrator these days, I still feel compelled to buy all sorts of artsy and craftsy supplies.  Really, it's sort of a problem. 

So the first place I'm looking for creative, fun stuff is right here in my own studio! 

I'm starting out on the easy end of things as I don't want to scare myself off on Week 1.  That brings me to this week's project:  tiny portraits.  I'll just be using materials from around my studio:  watercolors, pens, Arches hotpress watercolor pads and these tiny flowers and bows:


And I'm hoping to rummage around a bit to come up with some small vintage style photo frames to show off my tiny portraits.  

I'm excited to get started on this first of 52 Creative Weeks and will post the resultant tiny portraits along with some process snapshots later on in the week!