Valentines + Recipe Cards

As promised, I've updated my Etsy shop today with a couple of new things.  First school valentines:

Knight 4

Knights and Dragons

Fairy 3

Fairy Sweet

and a favorite from last year:

Robot 2

Robots and Rockets.  

All three school valentines groups are available in sets of 30 here.  If you need multiple sets of these, please contact me via my Etsy shop for a custom listing.  

And second, I'm now offering recipe cards in two designs:

Monster 2

Lil Monster Recipe Cards

Sweet 3

Fairy Sweet Recipe Cards.  I think these would be perfect for your dessert recipes, don't you?

Now I'm sort of testing the waters with these, seeing if they are well loved, so for right now I've only got about 5 or 6 of each recipe card set in stock.  The available quantities in my Etsy shop are correct for this item, so if they are still in stock you should be able to add multiple quantities to your cart.  

If it turns out that these are indeed well loved, then I will restock them with a quickness and might release a few new recipe card designs as well.  

And finally, I know that I mentioned in a past post that I might release Mini Letter Writing Sets with some of the new Valentine designs, but that's been put on hold for now until I have time to work on the designs :)  But if you'd like prints of any of the Valentine designs, they are available upon request, so you can either contact me via e-mail or through my Etsy shop.