New Work To Share!

Geez, what a crazy, stressful and surprising week this has been!  I'm definitely looking forward to the week, but before it starts, I wanted to share some new work with you.  It's for a lovely new website called Zuzee, which is basically a digital scrapbooking and social networking for tween girls but here's what the site founders have to say about it:

"As parents, we wanted to build a safe, meaningful and creative online gathering place specially for tweens. We know the tween years are critical and sensitive; it is a time when they learn to express who they are, forge friendships and fit in. And, since tweens love taking pictures, photo sharing is at the heart of it.

We also recognize parents want to be involved in their children’s online lives, which is why we focused on building something that offered parents the insight, and if necessary, the control they craved.

Zuzee is as much about enabling and empowering parents as it is about inspiring tweens."

Awesome, right?  

So I was commissioned to create a few digital scrapbook pages for the site, including this lovely set here:  

Zuzee just launched a couple of days ago but I'm sure it's already a big hit!