Quick Tip: Hanging Your Art Calendar

Hello all!  I'm dropping in today to share a quick tip with you.  

My art calendars are designed with the intention that when you're done with each month, you can clip off the date part and be left with a cute art print or something that you can use in your scrapbooking, etc.  Because of that, a lot of people aren't interested in having a hole punched in the top of the calendar because it will punch through the art as well.  

So here's what I do to hang my art calendars and keep them in good shape.  

You really just need four things:  a binder clip, a thumbtack, a corkboard or something else to tack your calendar to and of course a calendar!

I gather up my calendar pages, with the current month in front then gently bind them all together with a binder clip.  Even a binder clip will eventually leave a tiny indentation in the top of the calendar.  It's hardly noticeable, but you can easily prevent it by adding a tiny bit of tissue paper or white felt between your binder page and your calendar pages.  

And then for the last step, I just use a pretty thumbtack through one of the binder clip loops to hang the calendar on my corkboard.  And that's it!

Random fact:  I use a piece of pretty batik paper from Paper Source to cover up the cork part of my corkboard, just cause it's so lovely.  

Those of you with a keen eye might notice that the Kokeshi Garden Calendar pictured above has a nifty grid where you can write in appointments, etc.  That's a brand new version of the calendar that you can purchase here.