Singing Loud


Our neighbors are generally pretty awesome and quiet, including the 4 year old girl who lives next to door to us.  I've been known to comment that if you didn't already know she lived there, you wouldn't know she lived there!  Seriously, she's a very quiet little girl.  

Except that every now and then she'll park herself in the back porch swing at her house and she'll sing.  Very loudly.  For about 30 minutes straight.  She'll just sing a random song that she makes up as she goes along and she'll sing at the top of her little lungs the entire time.  

It's pretty darned cute.  

She doesn't care who hears her and she doesn't care if she sounds good or not.  She just sings because that's what she feels like doing.  

I hope that she keeps on living her life unabashed.  Life is so much better when you're not worried about what everyone else thinks!