New: Library Girl Print & Bookplates

Three things.

#1: If you're in the US, have an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Don't forget to take time during the busy day to think about the things you are thankful for.  

#2:  I finished this illustration a few days ago:

This was inspired by the many trips to the library my grandmother took me on when I was a youngster.  I would always check out as many books as I possibly could at one time.  I was and still am quite the bookworm, thanks my Grams and all those visits to the local library!

Prints of this illustration are available here in a variety of sizes.  And you can also find this library girl on bookplates, both blank and personalized:

#3:  I'm so thankful for everyone who reads this blog and follows & supports my work.  You're all just the best!