It's Here: The Fox and The Teacup

I feel like I've been working on this for months now, but it's really just been a few very busy weeks of coding and editing and revising and rethinking.  But it's finally finished and today I'm launching my brand new shop:  

The Fox and The Teacup is the new home of my online shop and it's filled with art prints and stationery products featuring my illustrations.  

After much thought, I decided to do a bit of rebranding to separate the shop portion of my business from the freelance and licensing portion of my business.  It's still all me though and you can still keep up with all of my work and creative musings right here on this blog!  

It was tricky coming up with a name that encompassed the sense of whimsy and fun I wanted to create in this new shop, but I think The Fox and The Teacup is a perfect fit.  

I finally feel like I've got the space I need to create new products and to introduce new characters into my art prints and stationery products.  

One of the many reasons I wanted to branch out into my own little shop was having the ability of offer you options for various items and even for shipping.  I really got my start on Etsy and will always have a sweet spot for it as well, but as my business has grown I found it to be problematic that my customers couldn't easily select print sizes or even different shipping options.  Business is all about growing and changing though and I think The Fox and The Teacup was just the next logical step for me. 

So in this new shop you'll find:  

*new Mounted Mini Prints

*Mailing Kits, just in time to spruce up your holiday mailing

*prints available in various sizes with just a click

*your choice of First Class or Priority Mail shipping(domestic only)

*easier ways to browse and explore

*Build Your Own Stationery Sets

*and hopefully an simpler, more pleasant shopping experience.  

So if you haven't already given in to the urge to click on over, I invite you now to check out The Fox and The Teacup.  There's a little grand opening celebration sale going on right now too!