Daily Doodle 365

Some of my past Inspired Doodles students and I are doing a year long sketch challenge that starts today.  I know you'd think it would make more sense to start something like this in January, but I find that calling something a New Year's resolution is just setting yourself up for failure.  So we're starting in December instead.  

So the goal for this challenge is simple:  spend 15 minutes a day drawing.  Just for fun and to have a few minutes each day set aside to explore and try new things.  

I'll be sending out a prompt word to my fellow Daily Doodle 365 participants each day and then we'll all be posting our efforts on your blogs, etc.  So I'll be posting my daily doodles here every day for the next year.  

I'll still be posting regular old blog posts as well, so you'll probably just see my daily sketch at the bottom of a lot of those posts. 

I'm excited to get started, so here's my first sketch:  

topic:  night