Daily Doodle 365: crazed


Today's sketch prompt was craze, which made me think crazed as in: "Wrapping Christmas gifts makes me feel a tiny bit crazed."

I love the planning stage of wrapping gifts, picking out pretty papers and ribbons and cute things to top packages with.  But I lack some basic skill in gift wrapping that usually leaves me with crinkled wrapping paper and a slow burning fuse.  

Right now my dining room table is covered with the remnants of my last gift wrapping session over the weekend along with a few gifts that haven't been wrapped yet because I got too frazzled to finish them.  If I wasn't so darned stubborn, I'd just stick everything in gift bags and call it quits.  But I've got a pretty wicked stubborn streak courtesy of my Fizer blood, so I'll be back at trying to neatly wrap gifts later today.