52 Creative Weeks #6: Stitched

When I was growing up, my mother was very much a crafty lady.  She was always making something and she was always getting me started on little crafty projects too:  sewing clothes for my dolls, painting tiny ceramics and helping me out with little cross stitch projects.  

There was definitely a time when I was constantly stitiching something and for a few months during my early teens I was absolutely addicted to cross stitching.  Of course, I eventually grew tired of counting stitches and making little x's so like a lot of my hobbies from my younger years, it fell by the wayside.  

Until a few weeks ago when I grabbed a copy of Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray and started thinking about trying my luck at freehand embroidery.  

And then this week I decided to do a bit of stitching for my 52 Creative Weeks project.  I started out with a simple little flower for my first attempt:


which actually turned out pretty ok:


And then I moved onto to something a bit more ambitious, inspired by the Valentine's Day freebie I offered up last week:


The tiny flower and these two Kokeshi dolls are on the small side, these hoops are 3 inches across.  

For a first experiment with embroidery, they didn't turn out so bad but they didn't turn out so great either.  Here are the finished products:



Even though these aren't the best stitching jobs ever, I loved sitting around watching movies and stitching away for a couple of hours.  I'd forgotten how relaxing it could be.  

So even though this week's creative project wasn't a huge success, it brought me back to something that I enjoyed doing as a teenager and it gave me a bit of inspiration for next week's creative project:  I'm going to play around with more stitching, but this time along with my acrylics!