52 Creative Weeks #7: Dreaming of Spring

Well, I'm definitely stretching the boundaries of my 52 Creative Weeks project for this week.  My original intention was for these projects to be for fun only, but this week it was either a) use the few extra hours I had on a just for fun project or b) work on a new illustration that I was really looking forward to working on and that I'll be using for an end of winter promo card.  

So I went with option B and worked on something fun but also useful.  

We've been having a bit of a pseudo-Spring for the last couple of weeks, the weather has been unusually warm for February and although I've enjoyed being able to work with the windows open, I know that winter will be back soon.  

And I'm dreading it. 

I keep wishing that Spring would hurry and get here already!  And that's what popped the idea for this sketch into my head, which ended up being a perfect promo card idea too:

March promo card sketch

And here's what the finished piece looks like:

March promo card

On the printed cards, my name and contact info will be in the white part on the bottom.  I sent these off to the printers this morning and can hardly wait to get them back!

I'm definitely still feeling a bit like I cheated on my 52 Creative Weeks Project, but I'm sure it's not the last time it will happen!  There's bound to be a bit of overlap when you love what you do and do what you love!