52 Creative Weeks #8: Painted

I think the last couple of weeks have been rough around here between being sick, keeping up with my awesome e-course students, working on freelance projects and dealing with some plumbing issues, my time to be creative has been limited.  To say the least.  

Although I couldn't find time to start a whole new project, I did find time to finish this little painting:


You might remember seeing this piece that I blogged about back in December.  I'd planned on finishing this up in a few days time and then offering it as part of a giveaway to you, my lovely readers.  

But it ended up being set aside until a couple of nights ago when I dusted off my brushes and paints again.

I'm still most in love with my digital illustration style, but it's such a relaxing break to get back to paints, brushes and pens every now and then.  

Here's the finished painting:



Keep your eyes open because this little 4 x 4 inch painting will be part of a giveaway here on the blog next week, along with a fun assortment of extra goodies I've been hoarding:  stickers, postcards and mini notebooks too.  It will be a prize jackpot for the lucky winner!

For my next creative project, I'm planning on designing/creating a shadowbox with an owl motif.  If all goes as planned, I've have tutorial for you along with some free printables.  

And last week I ordered some Kokeshi fabric from Spoonflower, so for a future 52 Creative Weeks project, I'll be sewing up some plush Kokeshi dolls that will be available in my shop too.