Sneak Peek: A is for Alligator

You know when I started this adventure four or five years ago, I rarely revised or edited my drawings.  In most cases, I'd actually just draw right on watercolor paper and then start painting from there--back when I still painted, before I discovered Photoshop and Illustrator!

Looking back on it now, I think that I was just afraid to erase anything at all, afraid that I couldn't draw anything better, afraid of scrapping a drawing that I really loved and maybe just afraid that overall I wasn't good enough.  

Now, it's a different story and an odd conumdrum, but now as I gained more confidence in myself and my work, I became less shy about revising and editting myself.  

Whereas before I'd just do a drawing or a painting and stick it right in my shop for sale, now I spend days, weeks or even sometimes months really letting an idea grow.  Of course, this isn't always the case, sometimes the pieces just fall together in the first place.  

But overall, I've found that my work has gotten better as I've allowed myself to marinate over things, given myself time to slow down and really immerse myself in my work.  Now I'm redrawing, resketching, revising, changing, testing printing, making notes, making more changes and just plain old going back to the drawing board whenever it feels right.  And I love that I've reach a point in my career where I'm comfortable doing those things, where I'm not just stuck with the first version of something I do because I'm afraid a second or even third version won't be good enough!  

And speaking of revising, here's a quick glance at a new print I'm working on:


my initial rough sketch



And a few test prints, most of which are marked up and scribbled on by now.  I'll show off the finished version of this soon, I just want to ponder it for a few days before I send it out into the wild ;)