52 Creative Weeks #5: Framed

Well, this week I have to own up and admit that my 52 Creative Weeks project was almost a failure.  My intentions were good, but it turns out that I just didn't have enough time to scavenge to frames that I needed to get started on my gallery wall.  

But I did have a couple of frames that inspired a very small project that turned out well.  

So I had this print that I ordered a few weeks ago:


I had a lovely red hued wooden frame that I was planning on using for this print, but it was sort of boring.  So I decided to hang it nested inside an empty frame.  

And of course, I had to paint the empty frame, because I just wanted an extra splash of color.  

Here's what the frame started out like:


After a couple of layers of gesso:


After a couple of layers of paint:


And here's what it looked like when I got both frames hanging on the wall:


Although you can't tell from the photos, the walls in my living room are an incredibly light green.


And the rest of the room has touches of this same blue color and some red as well:


I'm happy with the end result and will continue to collect frames and prints in hopes that I can finally get my gallery wall started at some point!