Kokeshi Dolls Counting Poster

Today, I'm excited to have finally finished a print that has been dancing around in my head for a few months now:


Counting print

A Kokeshi Doll Counting Poster!

And for those who don't have a youngsters, a regular print featuring some of the same new Kokeshi doll illustrations:

Kokeshi print

Kokeshi Love Print

Also new to my shop, Personalized Superhero Prints for boys and I'm testing out an option that will allow you to do some limited customization on prints for a small fee.  I'm gearing this change fee specifically towards prints that feature children or people as I often get requests for different hair colors, clothing colors, etc, so now I'm going to try to accomodate those requests, within reason.  This $15 fee covers small changes only, like hair color, eye color, skintone, clothing, etc.  Changes will be made at my discretion and within reason only, so make sure you contact me through my Etsy shop to discuss any changes in advance.