52 Creative Weeks #10: Sew What?

You might be wondering why I'm posting a 52 Creative Weeks project on Wednesday instead of Monday and the answer would be that I was waiting on a new camera lens.  

Of course had I just taken my project photo on Sunday with the kit lens that came with my Canon Rebel xsi I would have enjoyed the pleasure of a pretty sunny day, with gorgeous lighting.  

But I wanted to play around with my new lens and guess what I get?  Two rainy, gloomy days!  So I made due with the overhead lights in my studio and am looking forward to spending some real time with my new lenses tomorrow and Friday when we are expecting warm, sunny days again!

Anywho.  For this project, I dragged out my rarely used sewing machine.  Seriously rarely used.  Like I haven't touched in well over two years and it was feeling sort of lonely.  

So I ordered some custom printed fabric from Spoonflower featuring 10 of my recent Kokeshi doll illustrations.  The fabric is gorgeous and very close to my intended colors.  

I also dug out a little stash of fabric that I've been hoarding for no apparent reason other than just liking patterns and fabric:


I used some of this pretty fabric as the backside of my Kokeshi doll plushes and the result is pure cuteness.


Of the 10 dolls I'd planned on making, I managed to finish 5 of them last week and hope to finish the other 5 in the next couple of days.  The remaining 5 are all stuffed and ready to do, they just a row of quick stitching on the bottom to finish.  

Here's a peek at the ones I've finished:




These plushies range from 7 to 9 inches tall and will be available for $16 each along with a mini print of their illustration.  

First dibs on these will go to my mailing list; I'll be sending out my first e-newsletter/postcard in a few days with information on how to claim one of the plushes.  Those we receive the message will have 48 hours to make their claim, then I'll be listing the remaining dolls in my Etsy shop.  

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