Flourish: The Last Session

After a lot of thinking and pondering and then a bit of making up my mind and then changing it 20 minutes later, I've decided that the Summer 2011 session of Flourish is going to be the last session.  

I've found that teaching others how to get started in their creative biz has been a truly fulfilling experience.  And all the lovely ladies I've encountered along the way have been inspirational and wonderful!  

But as my own business is growing and changing, I want to get back to focusing more on illustrating and continuing to grow as an artist.  And of course, time constraints are always an issue--there are just never enough hours in the day!  When I do make time for teaching online workshops in 2012, I'm looking forward to teaching more of the creative side of things from now on!

So for now I'll be teaching one last session of Flourish this summer, with limited enrollment.  It's an open session running from June 1 to August 31, so you can progress as quickly or as slowly as you'd like because all of the course materials will be available to you right away.  And of course, I'll be manning the course forum during the entire summer, answering your questions and keeping up with your comments.  

You can find more info on this last session here


And even after this last official session of Flourish, you'll be able to buy the e-book version at any time.