New Wholesale Info + Mailing List

If you look over to the right, you'll notice a pretty new button, Join the Mailing List.  You now have the option to sign-up for my monthly newsletter to be delivered directly to your inbox.  You'll get sneak peeks of new projects I'm working, special discounts and even early bird access to new products and online workshops.  

If you'd like to sign-up, click the graphic on the right to be taken to the sign-up form.  I'll be sending out the first mailing in the beginning of August!


Also new this week, I've made it a whole lot easier to access wholesale pricing for my work.  You can now find my account over at Trunkt, where you'll be able to view my prints and paper goods that are available to wholesalers along with their actual wholesale prices.  You'll still need to contact me when you are ready to place a wholesale order, but this should make it much simpler for you to keep up with prices, policies and availability of wholesale items.