Bits, Pieces and Heartsy


Here's a kind of self-portrait from a tutorial I did for my Inspired Doodles online workshop today.  The workshop wraps up officially tomorrow and I can quite honestly say that it's been so much fun to teach!  

I'll be doing another session of Inspired Doodles later in the year, probably during the month of August.  I'll be posting final details here and on my Facebook page as soon as I've worked everything out!

And one more fun thing for this weekend:  I'm going to be featured on Heartsy this coming Sunday, May 1.  If you're not familiar with Heartsy, it's sort of like Living Social or Groupon, but with handmade items from Etsy sellers.  

For my feature, I'll be offering a $30 store voucher for $13, which I think is a pretty awesome deal.  You'll be able to purchase the vouchers starting at 8am PST on Sunday May 1.  And if you're a VIP Heartsy member, you can purchase a day early on Saturday and you get an extra $10 on your voucher for free.  

I'll be sending out a reminder of the Heartsy deal to my mailing list on Sunday morning, along with an extra discount code to use with your Heartsy voucher, so if you haven't joined my mailing list yet, click on the link over on the right to sign up.  

Now I've got lots of new illustrations to finish up over this weekend, so I'm off!

Enjoy your weekend!