Online Workshop Announcements: Flourish, Inspired Doodles and Crash Courses

As you may or may not know, my last session of Flourish begins in a couple of weeks!  As I mentioned previously, although I've found the experience of teaching Flourish over the last couple of years to be truly rewarding, I'm spending more time now not only focusing on my own career/business but also on expanding my online workshop offerings.  

If you haven't signed up for Flourish yet, I did open up a couple of more spots this week.  This final session of the e-course will run a bit differently from previous sessions in that every bit of course info will be available to you from the first day of class.  This session will be open from June 1 to August 31, allowing everyone to progress as slowly or as quickly as they'd like.  Of course, I'll be answering your questions and responding to your comments in the course forum during the entire three month period.  

If you'd like to read more about the course or if you're ready to register for your spot. head on over to the course registration page.   The registration fee is $70.

I've had lots of inquiries about the next session of Inspired Doodles and I'm happy to say that the first session was such a blast, that I'm offering another session running during the month of August.  

You can get more details on this online workshop and register for your spot here.  The registration fee is $85.

And finally, last on my list of online workshop announcements, I'll be introducing a series of mini-workshops this fall, tentatively titled Crash Courses.  My brain has been buzzing these last few weeks, trying to figure out how I could continue to focus on my growing art career while still finding time to share my knowledge through my online workshops.  

Short of finding a way to add more hours into my days and more days into my weeks, I landed on Crash Courses which is a beautiful solution for both me and my students because they will require a shorter time commitment than my usual 4-5 weeks courses.  

My idea is that Crash Courses will be week long sessions covering various topics, both business and creative.  Each week long session will cost $30 and will include 3-4 lessons on the given topic along with class assignments and lifetime access to the course forum where you can ask questions and get to know your fellow students. 

My  master plan as it stands right now is to offer 6 Crash Courses a year, all on different topics.  So that means I'll be offering one session every other month.  I still to get to teach and share my knowledge, but in shorter bursts of time.  And I think these will be perfect for my students as well, who often find it difficult to commit to a full 4-5 week workshop!  

I'll be announcing more details on these mini courses as soon as I've worked them all out.  In the meantime, I'd love to know what you think of the idea and if there are any topics in particular you'd like to take a Crash Course on.