Sweets & Fairies: New Products from Mudpuppy

Much to my surprise, the dog and I returned from our walk on Monday evening to find that UPS had left a big box on our doorstep, from Galison/Mudpuppy!  Said package, was full of awesome samples of a couple of products I did illustrations for last year.  

Actually getting your hands on products with your illustrations on them is always a top notch event.  Especially with the lag between finishing the illustrations and releasing the products, it's easy to forget that you even worked on some projects.  But it's a fun surprise when those products wind up on your doorstep!  

Especially when they are as cute as these.  

Sadly, our current spate of chilly, gloomy, rainy weather is preventing me from taking decent pictures of the samples I got, so for now you'll have to settle for the images from Galison's site and a sneak peek at some of the artwork I did for these.  

I illustrated this Sweets & Treats Magnetic Design Set this past summer.  Each set comes in a metal tin with four scenes and three sheets of magnetic pieces that you can use to build your own fun dessert creations.  I'm not gonna lie, I played with one of these sets for an hour last night.  Because yes, I'm a big dork :)

Here's a peek at my artwork for one of the magent sheets:

The actual magnet sheets are arranged a bit differently, to make room for multiples of the various pieces I designed.  

And then I illustrated a Fairy Friends Book of Stickers:

This is a set of 8 sticker sheets featuring some of my colorful fairies, flowers, and insects.  It's super cute.  Here's quick look at one of the sheets I illustrated:

Cute, no?  

Sweets & Treats and Fairy Friends are both currently available on Galison/Mudpuppy's website.

I'll be giving away one set of each product next week, so be sure to check back for the giveaway.  And hopefully the weather will have improved so I can share some cute products pictures with you as well.  :D