Random Fact Wednesday

This is the first installment in a new series I'm calling Random Fact Wednesday.  It's occurred to me that since my little blogging hiatus a couple of months ago, this blog has been all about my business.  And I guess that's ok, because you're here to check out my artwork, right?  

But if you're reading this blog, you're also probably interested in learning a bit more about me.  So Random Fact Wednesday is the best of both worlds:  a random fact about me accompanied by a sketch or finished illustration if I have time.  

Today's random fact:  I heart lipgloss.  

I'm not super girly so my makeup routine usually just consists of concealer, mascara and yes, lip gloss.  Specifically shiny or sparkly, in shades of pink and preferably in a minty flavor.  

My husband always jokes that he knows when I'm finished eating if we're out to dinner because I immediately reapply my shiny lipgloss.

I've almost always got a tube of lipgloss close by:  zipped up in my makeup bag in the bathroom, sitting on my desk in my studio and tucked away in my purse as well as in my camera bag.  What can I say?  Having shiny lips is a must for this not-very-girly girl :)