Fresh Noms


We harvested the first tiny new potatoes from our veggie garden over the weekend and yes, they were awesome.   If you've got fresh potatoes of your own try wrapping them in foil with a bit of vegan butter, some garlic powder and some sea salt, then throw them on the grill for about an hour or just bake them in the oven instead.  It's heavenly and quite often in the summer, it's my dinner along with a salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.  

As a vegetarian who gets to spend a grumpy winter trying to find decent produce to nom, being able to harvest veggies from my own garden during the summer and fall is almost as good as hitting the lottery.  

So far we've been eating green onions, lettuce and a few new potatoes but I'm looking forward to the green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, cabbage and tomatoes later this summer as well as turnips and greens for the fall.  Have I mentioned how awesomely rewarding it is to grow your own food?  Because yeah, all that hardwork makes the veggies taste that much better.