Crash Course #1: Customer Service For Your Indie Biz

It's hard to believe that we're already well into August!  Before I even know what's happened, we'll be saying hello to a new year and again I'll be wishing I had more time to do all the things I want to do.  As usual, time is just flying.  

But the good thing about that is that my first Crash Course will be running in about a month!  

I've created Crash Courses for people like me, who just never have enough time but who are also passionately curious and interested in learning new skills for their indie biz.  

Each Crash Course is just one week long and is delivered straight to your inbox in PDF format.  You'll get 7 lessons, one each day of that week, that are filled with information, resources and short assignments.  And since the lessons will be delivered via PDF, you can save them or print them out to read at your leisure.  

In addition to receiving 7 days of emailed lessons, you'll also receive liftime access to the Crash Courses forum where you can interact with me and your fellow students.  You can ask questions and comment on the lessons or share what you came up with for the course assignment.  But most importantly, you can stay in touch with a growing community of creative explorers and entreprenuers.  

The first available Crash Course is:  

Running in mid-September, this Crash Course will arrive in your inbox just in time to polish your customer service skills for the busy holiday season.  Your growing indie biz will thank you for taking this quick course.  Over the 7 days, you'll be learning about:  

-proactive customer service, how to anticipate customer questions and answer them on your website/shop

-setting policies that are simple and straightforward

-communication basics, including email DOs and DONTs

-basics for sending confirmation emails, along with sample emails

-timeliness, how to deliver your awesome products to your customers in a timely manner

-customer service issues, dealing with issues both within your control and outside of it, including examples of how to handle tricky sitations.  

I always say that good customer service has been one of the most important factors in growing my indie biz.  I learned a lot of these skills in past jobs working in the customer service field and have honed them over the last five years as I built my own business.  Learn these simple skills to create a solid base of happy customers who will come back to you over and over again  and who will happily spread the word about how awesome you are.  

If you're interested in sharpening your customer service skills to improve your indie biz, head on over to the Crash Courses page to register for Customer Service for Your Indie Biz; then look for your first lessons to arrive starting on September 11, 2011!