I'm Back!

We just got back from a much needed week in Holden Beach, NC, although for a few days, we were worried that Hurricane Irene might end up canceling our vacation.  Lucky for us, Irene just skirted past Holden Beach, so when we arrived although the skies were grey and the wind was still blowing a bit, only a couple of houses were damaged and that was just minor.  

And after the first grey day, it was all clear skies and loveliness for the rest of the week.

Although it was wonderful to get away for a bit, by Wednesday I was ready to head back home and get back in my studio.  I find that when I'm travelling, I can sketch and doodle, plot and plan, but when it comes to getting real work done, I have to be back in my studio to make it happen.  As you can imagine, I'm happy to finally be back in my studio, busily creating and marking things off my to do list, even if I am still holding on to a bit of vacation haze.  

I'm definitely feeling a bit frazzled today, working on catching up so many different things.  But amidst all the post-vacation craziness, I'm planning on having a few Halloween things ready for my Etsy shop late next week:  

*Boo Crew Postcard Sets are on the way.  They'll be available temporarily and in very limited quantities.  You can also find stickers and mini letter writing sets featuring the Boo Crew already in my shop.

*Halloween Mini Scrap Sets are almost ready as well.  Each set will contain 20 assorted sheets of Halloween-themed pattern papers designed by me along with an assortment of small patterned stickers.  These are also going to be available in limited quantities.  

*And I'm working on a little portrait series of the characters from the Boo Crew.  These will be available until Halloween as a pack of four 4 x 6 prints.  Here's a peek: