Daily Doodle 365: crave

Yes, I do keep changing my mind about whether I'm going to keep posting these daily sketches every day or just once a week.  I feel like I don't want to overload you with a new post every day, but then I also find that posting here every day keeps me more motivated and excited to do some really awesome sketches, instead of some really lazy sketches.  

So I think really, I'm going back to posting my sketches here every day, in addition to my other random blog posts.  

Today's sketch topic was crave, which immediately made me think of hot tea because the high temp today was 24 degrees and that just makes me crave many, many cups of tea.  

Here's my sketch and a finished illustration too:

This finished illustration will be available soon as part of my Valentine's collection.  You'll find it as a folded card and a print by  mid-January.