Daily Doodle 365

I'm still going strong with my Daily Doodle 365 Challenge and I just finished up the first month.  Here are my last few sketches: 

Day 26:  geisha

Day 27:  tangled

Day 28:  thin

Day 29:  fresh

Day 30:  pattern

Day 31:  wind

Day 32:  hollow

Day 33:  rose(which you probably recognize from yesterday's post!)

In case you're wondering how I choose the words for each daily sketch prompt, here's how I've got it set up.  I sat down back in November and made a spreadsheet with 365 different prompt words.  Yes, it took awhile.  Then I set up a mailing list for myself and my past Inspired Doodles students who are taking part in this challenge with me, so we get an email every morning with a sketch prompt.  I've got each daily mailing set up well in advance so the sketch prompt's are usually a surprise for me too.  And that's it!