Daily Doodle 365: piece

Today's Daily Doodle topic was piece, which immediately brought me back to working enormous puzzles with my grandmother at her kitchen table.  You know, like the 5,000 piece puzzles of an autumn scene where every flipping piece looks almost the same?  I remember times when we would have one puzzle going at my grandmother's house which was right next door and then another puzzle going at my house.  Of course the only place big enough to work such a puzzle was the dining room table so when it came time to eat dinner, we would carefully cover the puzzle with a table cloth and eat right on top of it.

I had actually forgotten about those puzzles with my grandmother until I saw this sketch prompt this morning.  My grandmother passed away a bit over a year ago, so it was nice to have those surprise memories pop back up even if I was a bit teary eyed as I work on this sketch.