Instagram Friday


At the beginning of this week, all of the leaves were beautiful and brightly colored.  Now they've mostly blown off the trees and managed to migrate to my backyard.  

I'm working on a few new jewelry pieces for my shop:  some pendants, some rings and some brooches.  All will be available in my shop next month.  

Turnips from my veggie garden.  I've been eating these like crazy recently.  

Acorn scraps courtesy of the cute squirrel who likes to nom while lounging on the patio furniture.

Sadly, my favorite cheap mechanical pencil broke this week but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with some cute washi tape!

I did a bit more studio organizing this week, taking stock of all the supplies I have that I kinda of forgot about like all of these charms and beads.  

And I'm working on a Halloween freebie for you!  Can you guess what it is?  Come back on Monday to see!  

Don't forget sticker sets are all Buy 2 Get 1 Free until tonight at midnight.  

And you've still go two more days to enter the Big Kokeshi Giveaway!