Wednesday Sale: Postcards!

Sorry, I'm a day late posting this week's Wednesday sale. Our power was out for two days because of the whole inch of snow that fell Monday night.  No complaints here though; it could be a lot worse.  I live on the western side of the state so we just got a solid 4 days of rain from the edges of Hurricane Sandy whereas the eastern side of the state got a full-on blizzard and is dealing with several feet of snow right now.  What a crazy, scary storm she was, terrorizing so much within the space of just a few days.  My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with so much loss and destruction right now.  

On a less serious note, this week's Wednesday Sale is a discount on postcard sets:  

The details:  

*All postcard sets are on sale until Friday @ midnight.  Prices are as listed above.  

*This sale excludes holiday card sets.  

*Postcard sets can be found in the Paper Goods section of my shop.

*This discount has already been taken off the regular price in my shop, so you don't even need to do anything special to take advantage of this sale.  

Happy shopping!