Inspired Doodles: The End is Nigh!

So if you've been thinking of signing up for Inspired Doodles but putting it off, now might be the time to just go ahead and do it!  Why, you say?  Well because as of the end of February 2013, the Inspired Doodles Online Workshop will no longer be offered.  

I've had a blast teaching it and have loved meeting so many inspired students from all around the world but now I'm brewing up some new workshop ideas that will need some space of their own!  As usual, it's a matter of me being able to balance teaching with running a shop and freelancing along with all the other little projects and opportunities that spring up along the way.  Always too many ideas and never enough time.  

But I think you'll be pretty darned excited about the new workshop ideas that I'm developing at the moment which will all be offered under the heading of Inspired Doodles Too.  Whereas the original Inspired Doodles is all about helping you get inspired and learning to develop your own artistic voice, Inspired Doodles Too is going to be a group of short learn-to-draw self-paced courses.  I've had many requests for something like this over the years, something for those who just want to learn to doodle cute stuff and something that is appropriate for kids and adults.  

So I'm pretty excited about working out my ideas for Inspired Doodles Too and can't wait to share more details.  I'm thinking that since these are going to be mini-workshops, about 1 or 2 weeks each, that I'll be working with several different themes like Inspired Doodles Too:  Learn to Draw Fairies or Inspired Doodles Too:  Learn to Draw Cute Animals, etc.  I'd like to launch a new theme for each month, beginning in January 2013.  

So you've got something to look forward to!

But in the meantime, you can still sign up for the original Inspired Doodles Online Workshop until the end of February 2013.  

Have fun and happy doodling!