25 Holiday Drawings: #20, 21 and 22

I sort of mashed up the last three days of holiday drawing time to make one big, finished drawing instead of three scribbly ones.  

So here's the original scribble from my sketchbook:

lily and lou sketch.jpg

The idea for these two characters, Lily and Lou, popped up in my sketchbook sometime last year but this is the first time that I've really drawn them.  I've got a few children's book ideas built around these characters that I've excited to start messing around with now that I feel like I've finally nailed the character designs, which changed quite a bit from this first doodle to the finished illustration.  

Here's my revised sketch:

lily and lou christmas sketch.jpg

Here's where I made tons of adjustments:  I changed the characters a bit, giving her some fun hair and more adorable outfit, I decided to go with a square layout too so I ended up having to move some elements around to work with it.  

And here's what the finished illustration looks like:  

lily and lou christmas finished.jpg

Merry Christmas!