Instagram Friday

So after two solid years of disliking my Blackberry and wanting to drown it in the ocean, I finally broke down and got an iPhone.  I've been rebelling against getting an iPhone since it first winked into existence.  I'm not much of a follower and have never been all that interested in what the cool kids are doing.  And you know since all the cool kids started using iPhones, I definitely didn't want one.  

Until I finally broke down and got one.  Now, of course, I'm in love with it.  I'm especially enamoured with the quality of the photos I can take with it and honestly have been using my iPhone more often than my camera.  I've been Instagraming a lot - if you're on Instagram you can follow me @stephfizercoleman

And if you're not on Instagram, you can follow along via my Twitter or Facebook page where I've also been sharing my photos.

Or you can just check back here on Fridays where I will be posting some of my favorite Instagram photos from the week, like these:  

A Gerbera Daisy from my garden.

Leia, hoping that whatever I'm cooking will end up on the floor.

Delicious cabbages from our vegetable garden.  

Daylilies from my flower garden.

And a new illustration that I'll be finishing up today!