The Business of Art: Creative Biz Coaching

Ever since Flourish, my first ever ecourse that I taught back in 2009, I've been getting requests for individual coaching. It took me awhile to warm up to the idea. And then it took me even longer to ponder the logistics of offering individual coaching sessions.

 But after a lot of thought, I'm happy to announce that Creative Biz Coaching sessions are now available on a limited basis!

 Although my initial thought was to offer all sorts of different options for these sessions but in the end, I decided that our best bet is to work together to build a personalized set of coaching sessions that will meet your specific needs. Whether you want to focus on building a new business, spiffing up an existing business, sharpening your Photoshop skills or creating new products is totally up to you. Or if you've got another topic you'd like to explore, we can add it to the list!

 To learn more about coaching sessions or to begin the sign up process, hop on over to the Creative Biz Coaching page. Spaces will be limited and will vary depending on my own business schedule.

 I can't wait to work with you!