Instagram Friday


My dad has this gorgeous, colorful row of zinnias in his flower garden.  They are just such friendly looking flowers, aren't they?

We've had hot hot heat followed by severe thunderstorms for the last month which equals lots of mushrooms sprouting up everythere.  These tiny near-transparent ones sprouted in one of our flower beds a few weeks ago.  

I've been restocking postcard sets this week.

I got my first batch of Plywerk panels delivered a couple of days ago and they are so lovely.  These are small at 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I can't wait to get prints mounted on these!

Actually, I really couldn't wait to test one out, so here is my first mounted print on a Plywerk panel.  I love it and will be working on mounting the rest over the weekend, so expect a shop update next week!

Any finally, this is Leia, being a weirdo and laying underneath her dog bed.  

Happy Friday!