International Shipping Rates

As you may or may not know, the USPS is going to be raising rates on January 27th.  Again.  This usually isn't a huge deal because it usually isn't a terribly huge increase.  This time though, international shipping rates are going, WAY UP, like an increase of over 50%.  It's absurd, really.  And it makes me cranky because a sizable chunk of my customers are not in the United States and these shipping increases are really going to affect them.  

Like pretty much everyone else who sells online, I'll be forced to increase my international shipping charges at the end of January.  I do my best to keep my shipping charges reasonable but since I'm running a business, I can't exactly afford to start hemorrhaging money on shipping costs.  So up the costs will go.  

If you're within the US, shipping rates will be staying the same.  For international customers, expect a sizable increase in shipping rates, especially on things like mounted prints and personalized stationery sets which will effective have shipping costs that will double by the end of this month.  It's crazy but true.  

In the meantime, you've got 10 more days to enjoy the current shipping rates, so shop away!