Looking Back At 2012

So 2012 was actually a pretty awesome year for me although it had its share of ups and downs.  I think the biggest achievement for me was illustrating my first two children's books, one you can find here and the other will be available later this year.  Working on these books pushed me to be a better artist and challenged me to really step outside my comfort zone.  I love it and am looking forward to working on more book illustration in the future.  2012 was also filled with a bunch of smaller freelance projects, signing with a licensing agent and creating lots of art in general.  Here is some of my favorite work that I created in 2012:

And I'm already excited about the good things that 2013 will bring.  Honestly, I don't really have any resolutions for this year although I do have a whole new list of career/business goals for the year that I'm excited to tackle.  I feel big things on the horizon for this little artist!

I'll be sharing more about my plans for 2013 as the year goes along.  

For now, I'm preparing for a couple of just-for-fun projects for 2013.  The first one I started yesterday, Daily Pattern.  I'll be creating and posting a new repeat pattern design here each day this year in an attempt to sharpen my skills in this area.  And this year I'm also tackling a Fairytale Project, illustrating one fairytale each month this year.  I've been thinking about doing this for a few years, but now just seems like the right time for me to do this one.  I'm excited about both of these projects and just hope that I can keep up with them!

For me a new year is always about fresh starts, which usually means a two day cleaning binge around my house, including rearranging pretty much every piece of furniture in the house at least twice.  It also means that I've spent some time over the last few weeks thinking about tidying up my Etsy shop just a bit, out with the old to make room for the new.  I've got a shop update planned in a couple of weeks with new writing sets, personalized stationery, stickers and bookplates and this year I'm hoping to be bringing a whole lot of new artwork to my shop as well.  But that means that some old stuff is getting cleared out, mostly postcard sets--which are being replaced by personalized stationery sets; it's just a bit confusing to have both things in my shop, I've founded.  So postcard sets and few other things are on big time sale right now in the Sale section of my shop.

So really that's my hello for 2013, getting ready to make lots of art and create lots of success this year.  What are your plans and hopes for the year?