Lily and Lou Promo Card

I just finished my spring promo card that I'll be sending out to publishers soon.  My original intention was to make it Valentine-themed but as time ticked away and it became apparent that I wouldn't get the card illustrated, printed and mailed off in time to arrive at publishers before Valentine's day, I decided to go with a more generally girlie theme overall using my characters Lily and Lou.  

I sketch and redraw things quite a few times these days before I'm ready to work on the final illustration.  Usually my ideas start off as quick scribbles that probably don't make sense to anyone but me, accompanied by a series of notes on my idea.  Like this:


Super fancy, I know.  Then for this illustration, I drew up a few different layouts in a larger size, like this: 


Even though I drew a few different versions, I really like my original idea best so I stuck with that although I switched it to a vertical layout instead of a horizontal one.  Next, I scan my rough sketch into Photoshop where I tinker around with, redraw things and resize things.  Then I print it out:  


It's still pretty rough at this point, I pop my print out over on my lightbox and redraw the sketch one last time, adding more details until I end up with my finished sketch: 

lily and lou valentine promo sketch.jpg

And now finally, I'm ready to scan this back into Photoshop where I get to the fun part of adding color, pattern, texture and finishing the whole illustration which ended up looking like this: 

lily and lou valentine promo.jpg

And that's it!  Now I'm ready to send it off to the printer to be made into pretty postcards to send out to current and potential clients!