Daily Pattern: Weekly Update

So I thought that rather than post my Daily Pattern here every day, it would make more sense to just do a weekly update and show all the patterns from the past week!  If you want to keep up with them daily, I'm posting them every day over on my Facebook page and on Instagram(@stephfizercoleman)

Here are this week's patterns:

daily pattern 27.jpg
daily pattern 28.jpg

If you've got a keen eye, you might notice that this pattern ended up being used as the wallpaper on the Lily and Lou promo card I posted on Wednesday.

daily pattern 29.jpg

I saw the first crocuses blooming in my yard this week and had to do a pattern to celebrate. . .along with a bit of happy jig because even though it's freezing cold outside, I can see Spring on the horizon!

daily pattern 30.jpg

I actually designed this pattern as part of a licensing collection that I'm working on but in the end, it was just too crazy to fit in with the rest of it.  I still sort of love this one though!

daily pattern 31.jpg
daily pattern 32.jpg

These last two are pretty simple really, but I can see them being used in a bits and pieces of illustrations in the future.