Free Download: Create Joy Print

I just finished reading Lilla Rogers' book, I Just Like to Make Things--which was fantastic, by the way--and I've been thinking a lot about the joyfulness of creating, about how important it is to love the work that you're doing and to remind yourself that you love your work, even during the not-so-great times.  When you love the work you're creating, people can feel the joy in it and are more responsive to it.  And when you're really loving the work that you're doing, it just makes you that much more joyful too!  

So I whipped up a pretty little print as a daily reminder to myself to create joy :

And you can download it and print it out for yourself as well.  Just click the above image to start the download.  As always, this is for your personal use only.  Any commercial use or redistribution is strictly prohibited.