Draw This Draw That Workshop #1: Cute Animals

After playing around with the idea for several months, I've just launched a new online workshop series:  Draw This Draw That.  I've been teaching my Inspired Doodles Online Workshop for a couple of years now and the two most common questions I get about it are 1) is this workshop for kids?  and 2) will I learn how to draw specific things?  For Inspired Doodles, the answer to those questions has been no because Inspired Doodles is intended to be a bit more abstract.  

But Draw This Draw That answers yes! to both of those questions.  Yes, this workshop is for kids and adults.  I do recommend parental guidance for kids under the age of 10 to ensure that the step-by-step instructions are understood.  And yes, you will learn to draw specific things.  

Unlike my other workshops, Draw This Draw That is short; it's just a week long and it's delivered in PDF format directly to your email.  

Each month, I'll be releasing a new themed Draw This Draw That workshop.  This month we're doing Cute Animals.

You can learn more about the Draw this Draw That workshops, including how to register, by clicking the image above.  You'll also be able to download the first lesson of Cute Animals for free, just to test drive the workshop.

Happy Drawing!