On the Drawing Board

I haven't exactly been on my game this week but I did manage to squeeze out a bit of art.  Here the single pattern I worked on for the 365 Pattern project:  

daily pattern 82.jpg

I have a tendency to be really hard on myself if I don't produce what I feel like is *enough* art each week.  When making art is how you make your living, it's easy to set crazy expectations for yourself; at least it is for me.  

And this week was a week where I struggled quite a bit.  But after the struggle, I popped up some sketches for a new collection of illustrations.  I'm sure my licensing agent who hasn't heard a peep from me in 2 months is pretty happy to hear that.  And for those of you who frequent my shop, you'll be happy to hear that these will be available as prints too as soon as they are finished:  

little forest sketches.jpg

Have a good weekend and  a Happy Easter!