Random Bits About My Week #1

I know it's been a bit quiet around this old blog these days and although I'd like to say that it's because I've been so busy, it's really just been me going through a bit of an introverted sort of phase that I'm in the process of dragging myself out of.  There's been a lot of I-really-hate-my-work going on around here--more about that to come soon though and no worries, I'm over it now.  

I'm working out a new schedule that will hopefully get me out of my artistic funk and maybe even get me back to regular blogging like a good girl! But in the meantime, here's a look at this past week.  

fix it list.jpg

Seth has been in Seattle all week on business trip, so I've had plenty of time to a) draw a lot b) decide that most of what I've been drawing is junk and c) finally get around to writing out my Fix It List.  I bet Seth is going to be super excited when he gets home and sees how long this list is!  

I kind of lost my home improvement steam last year but it's coming back full force so I foresee a spring filled with many gallons of paint.

I've got a list for each room including some home improvement things we need to tackle but continue to put off and some decor things that I've also been putting off.  It's exciting stuff, I tell you!

dining room light 1.jpg
dining room light 2.jpg

First on my list was replacing this old light fixture.  It's been a problem because a) I just don't like it and b) our ceilings are a bit on the low side so everyone was constantly hitting this light fixture.  I sweet talked my dad into helping me install the new light a couple of days ago--because I'm terrified of messing with anything involving wiring even though it doesn't look all that tricky.  

The new light really brightens up our tiny dining room.  More pictures of the entire room to come when I'm further along with my project list for that room!

amy butler chair 1.jpg
amy butler chair 2.jpg

Next on my list was reupholstering our dining room chairs.  We bought these chairs nearly 4 years ago with plans to reupholster them right away and then. . .it just never happened.  So I thought hey, since Seth is out of town for a week and I'm going to be bored, why not tackle those icky chairs'!

As it turns out, upholstery is a tricky job and doing one chair took me the better part of an hour so I hung up my staple gun after finishing only one last night.  But I love the finished resulted and will be tackling the other chairs later tonight!

Other random bits from this week:  

*I've got spring fever and just ordered some more flowers and bulbs for my gardens this morning.  

*I love reading this article about a writer's journey, something I think any creative person can relate to.

*This cute seal made my morning with his squee-dorable little face.

*I've been working on some illustrations of a bunny farmer this week that I'll be sharing soon too; just something new for my portfolio.  

*And I'm putting the finishing touches on the next Draw This Draw That workshop, Spring Flowers.