Young Benedict Barlow & The Haunting on Hallow Street

So, you guys, I wrote and illustrated a little eleven page comic!  It's a spooky little ghost story, inspired by a birthday gift I illustrated for my husband last year.  Seth and I work on a web comic together, Benedict Barlow and the Curse of Rotwood.  It's about an aging paranormal investigator and his sidekick investigating a series of mysterious attacks.  It's bloody and perhaps doesn't have the cleanest language ever, so it's not really kid friendly.  But I thought, hey, I wonder what a young Benedict Barlow would have been like?  So, I took the character and turned it into a little comic for kids!

I've been working on this in little bursts here and there all year, but finally cranked it into high gear so I could finish the comic before Halloween.  Mission accomplished!  

Click the thumbnails below to read through the comic, and if you like it, be sure to share it on your favorite social networking site!