Calendars and Cards!

Dearest early birds, calendars and Christmas cards are now available in my Etsy shop!  Here's a quick glance at the new Christmas card, all printed up, with their matching stickers which are so cute you almost can't handle it.

And the 2015 Bookish Forest calendar, that I'm so proud of.  To go with the rustic, woodsy feel, I decided to hang these with a simple bit of hemp twine.  It's so charming, no?  If you're one of those people though who prefers to have just the loose cards, leave me a note when you place your order and I'll leave out the punched hole and the twine!

This calendar is available in two sizes:  8 x 10 inches and 4 x 6 inches.  

I've also added Bookish Forest prints and sticker sets to the shop.  Will there be stationery to match?  Not at the moment.  I'm slowly scaling back the personalized stationery side of my shop and next year will be geared more towards folded note cards, which the Bookish Forest will definitely be a part of.  

Here's the full collection of The Bookish Forest: 

The Badger, the Fox, and the Owl are my personal favorites right now.  Which ones are your favorite?