Smiling's My Favorite!

With Christmas shopping season in full swing, life is a flurry of printing and shipping right now.  Even so, I'm finding time to enjoy the season this year.  Last year, I was a bit cranky and, dare I even say it, a bit of a Scrooge.  This year, I'm back in the holiday spirit, which, of course, leads to lots of inspiration and lots of drawing!

I decided to enter my first ever Spoonflower design contest with this illustrated Cozy Kitties pattern:

Fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap with this pattern are available at Spoonflower.  And art prints, iphone cases, mugs, and pillows are available in my Society6 shop.

The husband and I watched Elf a few nights ago for the first time in several years.  I'd forgotten how funny and charming that movie is, and woke up the next day knowing that I'd have to make a few minutes in my day for a Buddy illustration!  Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, and White Christmas are next on my watch list.  

PS - If you're shipping with the US, you've still go plenty of time to order art prints and personalized stationery over the The Fox and The Teacup.