52 Dogs

I've been working on a sort of unofficial drawing project so far this year, a dog a week.  Unofficial, because every time I make official plans to do something like this, I inevitably fail at it.  Hopefully even speaking of it here won't end up jinxing me.  

Here are a couple of recent dog illustrations:


scottish terrier.jpg
yorkshire terrier.jpg

A lot of Facebook fans have been asking whether or not these will be available as prints one day.  Honestly?  I hadn't really considered it, because this is a just-for-fun sort of project.  But after tinkering around with the idea for a few days, I feel like it might be fun to offer mini prints and maybe a few personalized stationery items as well.  Right now, I'm just pondering logistics and whether or not I'll be offering these in my current shop, or in a whole new shop instead.  I'll keep you guys posted right here!

And if you get a second, let me know what you think.  Yes to offering prints of these dogs illustration?  And what's your favorite breed of dog?